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Our members have compiled articles on various aspects of Queensland’s colonial military history. Copyright resides with the author. If you wish to quote from the articles please acknowledge the authors. If you wish to republish the article you will need the author’s approval.

Bravery during the 1893 floods, by Robert Finlay

Flashes of brilliance, the Heliograph in Queensland by Robert Finlay

Martini Enfield .303 carbines in Queensland, by Brian Rough

Splendid little chaps: fife and drum bands in Queensland's colonial defence forces, by Brian Rough

Report on the colonial guns located in Alexandra Park, Bundaberg, by Brian Rough, with permission of the Bundaberg Regional Council

Report on the colonial guns located in Queen's Park, Maryborough, by Brian Rough

Shearers Strike of 1891, by Robert Finlay

A Year in the Life of the Queensland Scottish Volunteer Corps, by Brian Rough

Citizen Soldiers, by the Hon. A. J. THYNNE, M.L.C., Major Commanding Volunteer Battalion

Defence Force Manoeuvres, Brisbane Courier, 28 September 1885

Surgeon­ - Major: Dr 
Force, By Brian Rough

The Queensland Scottish Rifle Club, by Robert Finlay

The Queensland Scottish Volunteer Corps Kilt, by James Scarlett and Brian Rough, originally published in ‘Military Illustrated’

The Attack On Brisbane, The Brisbane Courier, Tuesday 27 April 1886

The Rising Phoenix; the Status of the Queensland Defence Force in 1885, by Brian Rough

Oliver's water-bottle: Does the story really hold water?, by Brian Rough

Meeandah Mobilisation Camp 1899: Queensland and the South African War by Dr Brian Sinclair and Brian Rough

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