Colonial Forces Study Group (Qld)

Queensland Military History: 1860-1901

Arming the Forces
Members of the Spring Hill and Fortitude Valley Volunteer Rifle Corp, February 1889.  John Oxley Library image#11748

During the four decades in which it controlled matters of defence, the Queensland Government provided its volunteer, militia and permanent soldiers and sailors with the tools to defend the colony.

The weapons were rarely of the latest pattern, were occasionally obsolete before issue, yet in most cases served their purpose. This section will contain information about the many different types of armaments used in Queensland.

On-line articles:

Martini Enfield carbines in Queensland service

Queensland naval guns in Bundaberg (reproduced with permission of Bundaberg Regional Council

Recommended reading:

'Arms in the Service of Queensland, 1859-1901' by JS Robinson. ISBN 0-949749-34-6, 1997


Big guns of the Queensland Defence Force, Brisbane, ca. 1895.  John Oxley Library image#API-095-0001-0001