Colonial Forces Study Group (Qld)

Queensland Military History: 1860-1901

Supporting the Colonial Forces

This section discusses the logistical needs of the colonial forces, and the provision of those needs by the Queensland Government.

cfsg36Arming the Forces

During the four decades in which it controlled matters of defence, the Queensland Government provided its volunteer, militia and permanent soldiers and sailors with the tools to defend the colony.


cfsg13Clothing the Military

The provision of uniform clothing and accoutrements for Queensland's forces was not always a Government responsibility. Volunteer units in the 1860s and 70s had to design and pay for their own uniforms.


cfsg6Fortifications & Structures

An organisation designed to defend the colony required a reasonable infra-strucure network, not only from which to mount a defence, but also facilities to enable training, supply, accommodation and administration for the force.