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Queensland Military History: 1860-1901

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Ceremonial parade of the Queensland Permanent Artillery, 1899.  John Oxley Library image#79227

Instructional manuals were very important part of military training in the nineteenth century, particularly when there was no centralised training school for Officers and NCOs, and military units were vast distances apart. Armed with an instructional manual relative uniformity in training could be achieved.

Manuals used in Queensland were British in origin, and mainly those used by the British Army or Royal Navy. Some were reprinted locally and a rare few were written by local NCOs or Officers.

The lists of manuals used in Queensland shown here are not definitive, and more will be added as our research continues. In some case the CFSG has access to copies of these manuals. We are actively seeking copies of others on the lists, and are willing to exchange with interested parties.

1886 List of Military Works required by the QDF

Source - COL/A457 86/1588, QSA Item ID 847188p

Warwick Mounted Infantry, part of the Queensland Defence Force, 1897. John Oxley Library image#64031
  • Vol IV Movements of the Color Party at Battalion Drill& c.
  • Vol VII On outpost, what to do, and how to do it.
  • Vol IX On guard, what to do and how to do it.
  • VOL XVII Company Roll Call Book
  • VOLXVII Alphabetical Squad Book
  • VOL XXIV Infantry Piquets
  • Army Signalling, Manual of Instrction for Engineering, Elementary and Field
  • Barrack room arrangements (Infantry)
  • Encampments, regulations and instruction for Engineering, Elementary and Field
  • Equipment Regulations for the Army
  • Field Artillery Exercise - pocket edition
  • Garrison Siege & Field Artillery Exercise pocket edition Vol I-II
  • Gatling Gun, Handbook of, for Land Service
  • Guide to the examination for promotion in the Infantry Part I&II
  • Infantry Kit plates
  • Instructions for fitting the new equipment
  • Infantry Squad Books
  • Malton's duties of Markers in Company Battalion or Brigade
  • Outpost duty, reconnaissance & road making
  • Queens Regulation & Orders for the Army pocket edition
  • Register Cover for marking points at the target with E band
  • Range finder, Watkins Regs, for instruction & c.
  • Regulations for the Royal Engineers, pocket edition
  • Manual of Exercises for Stretcher Bearers and Bearers Company
  • Surveyors Pocket Book
  • Trifles, or little things for Volunteers to know
  • Sword Exercise &Carbine Sword Bayonet Exercises
  • Tactics for NC Officers and Men
  • Trumpet & Bugle Sounds for all branches of Army
  • What to observe and how to report it
  • Regimental Plates - uncoloured - mounted