Colonial Forces Study Group (Qld)

Queensland Military History: 1860-1901

Organisation of the Colonial Forces

The following pages provide an overview of the structure of the Forces over the 40 year period to 1903.

cfsg3Training the Forces

This section will exam the systems of instruction used to train the Queensland forces. This will include the identification of the trainers as well as an analysis of the material on which their instruction was based.


cfsg38Tactical Appreciation

The contemporary military appreciation of Force capabilities in various exercises and on Active Service will be presented from official reports and correspondence.


cfsg9Force Structure

The structure of the colonial military and naval forces evolved over many years, begining a process that extended beyond Federation in 1901 and the development of the Commonwealth forces.


cfsg31Forces Afloat

The development of the Queensland Navy and Naval Brigade forces lagged behind the Land Forces. The naval force was perhaps as important to public morale as it was to the enhanced capacity it provided for the colony's actual defence.


cfsg53By the Book

Instructional manuals in many case defined the smallest of actions undertaken by Queensland's colonial forces. These pages will discuss the manuals used examine various elements of the training.